• Electric boiler for heating systems PG - 12000W

    Electric energy saving boiler for room heating Militerm PG - 12000W is an electric boiler for central heating which can be connected in parallel with other boiler types... Više...

  • Electro-accumulator furnace

    This is a new type of furnace, a new working principle and a new type of heater, it is charged automatically and is real energy saver.

    It is excellent for underfloor heating, because it reduces the bill for electricity by 50%... Više...

Electric boiler Militerm has been awarded several times as an innovative solution in achieving energy efficiency.

- Golden award at the International Festival of Innovations, Knowledge and Creativity "Tesla Fest" in Novi Sad, October 2011.

- Silver medal at the exhibition "EXPO - INVENT 2011", at the 55th International Technology Fair in Belgrade, May 2011.

- "Tesla - Pupin" award at the "Biznis Baza" exhibition, December 2011.


Zlatna plaketa na Međunarodnom festivalu inovacija Srebrna medalja na Međunarodnom sajmu tehnike Povelja