• Electric boiler for heating systems PG - 12000W

    Electric energy saving boiler for room heating Militerm PG - 12000W is an electric boiler for central heating which can be connected in parallel with other boiler types... Više...

  • Electro-accumulator furnace

    This is a new type of furnace, a new working principle and a new type of heater, it is charged automatically and is real energy saver.

    It is excellent for underfloor heating, because it reduces the bill for electricity by 50%... Više...

Electric boiler for heating systems PG - 12000W

Električni kotao za zagrevanje vode Militerm, grejanje na struju uz uštedu 

A high-power electric boiler that has built-in flow-through electric heaters unique on the market is protected by M.P. no. 2011/0002. This electric boiler is built has the power of 12000W (12kW) and the user has ability to choose the power between 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 12kW depending on the volume of the heating surface and the insulation of the building. Electric boiler PG - 12000W is intended for floor heating and it can be connected in parallel with the other types of boilers and in the transitional periods it can be used for continuous heating.

Description of electric boiler PG - 12000W

Electric boiler PG - 12000W does not have a pump, expansion vessel or safety valve as it is intended for installation on the existing heating system. It connects to a common three-phase or single-phase outlet, so it doesn't need special power cable. It incorporates a control thermostat, a protective thermostat, switches, a wireless room thermostat for room temperature regulation.

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