• Electric boiler for heating systems PG - 12000W

    Electric energy saving boiler for room heating Militerm PG - 12000W is an electric boiler for central heating which can be connected in parallel with other boiler types... Više...

  • Electro-accumulator furnace

    This is a new type of furnace, a new working principle and a new type of heater, it is charged automatically and is real energy saver.

    It is excellent for underfloor heating, because it reduces the bill for electricity by 50%... Više...

Electric energy saving boilers MiliTerm


Militerm is an electric boiler for floor heating with flow water heater. Using this electrical boiler to heat your rooms, you will save a lot of energy.

Advantages of the new type of flow heaters of the electric boiler MiliTerm

Classical water heaters:

Classic heaters of electric boilers consist of a resistive wire around which the quartz sand is located and then a copper pipe on the outside. This system in electric boilers performs indirect heat exchange obtained by converting electricity into heat when passing through a resistive wire. The heat builds up on the wire, which then heats the quartz sand and copper pipe which heats the water. Since only the heat jacket is in direct contact with water in standard electrical heating boilers, this means that there is a certain loss of heat in the exchange in the heater itself. The loss of heat is, of course, also reflected as a loss, or a higher consumption of electricity for heating water. Electric boilers of this type are all around us and can no longer be considered energy efficient.


The method of heating water in the electric energy saving boiler MiliTerm

The new type of electric heaters MiliTerm consists of a resistive wire immersed directly into the water so that the heat exchange between the electric boiler and water heaters is direct. This achieves greater efficiency, i.e. the degree of utilization and the consumption of electricity is reduced.

The new type of heaters in MiliTerm electric boilers for heating is not subject to accumulation of stone on the surface as it is a flow system. By itself resistance to the stone, the electric boiler heater MiliTerm has a longer lifetime and constant efficiency in the heat exchange with the water that flows around it.



The degree of efficiency of a new type of electric boiler

Increasing the efficiency of a new electric boiler in comparison to old classical electric boilers is estimated experimentally at 30-40%. This number is indicative and is based on detailed calculations when all relevant factors affect the efficiency of heaters in a given period of time.