• Electric boiler for heating systems PG - 12000W

    Electric energy saving boiler for room heating Militerm PG - 12000W is an electric boiler for central heating which can be connected in parallel with other boiler types... Više...

  • Electro-accumulator furnace

    This is a new type of furnace, a new working principle and a new type of heater, it is charged automatically and is real energy saver.

    It is excellent for underfloor heating, because it reduces the bill for electricity by 50%... Više...

Electric energy saving boilers and furnaces for room heating MiliTerm


Proizvodnja i prodaja štedljivih električnih protočnih kotlova MiliTerm Pančevo

The company "Milivojev D.O.O" is engaged in the production of prototypes of energy-saving electric boilers "Militerm" for floor and central heating, with a special system of flow heaters as an integral part of electric power boilers that is completely unique on the market. Prototypes of electric boilers for room heating are protected by M.P. patent. no. 2011/0002.

In the production of electric boilers for flowing water heating, 20 years of innovation has been put into practice in order to create a superior domestic product - a energy efficient electric boiler that complies to the European and global energy efficiency trends.

Milivojev D.O.O is open to all forms of business and technical cooperation, in order to produce series "Militerm" electrical energy saving boilers.